Sub Compact Double Stack Pistols – Support Hand Grip Assist Sleeve

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Support Hand Positioning Grip Sleeve for Sub Compact Double Stack Pistols, 1.25 Inches Long. Tactical, Snag Free and Carry Friendly

Helps to correctly position your support hand – maintain a consistent grip – better recoil control – more consistent follow up shots!

For use by left or right handed shooters.

Color Pink

Made in the USA

U.S. Patent Nos. 9,851,174 & 10,101,115

“Warren Tactical is a great and efficient company. They quickly process orders and I have my items within a few days. As for my Support Hand Grip Assist, I love it. I have actually purchased two. Being in law enforcement, I have to rely on my weapon daily. As a small petite female with long fingers, it works great. It provides the extra support I need without adding a bulky back strap.” — Kelsey Conn, DEA Training Academy

“I have a female shooter here that I have issues with every time she shoots.  This week I put your sleeve on her gun and got her to shoot 20% better that ever.  Another female shooter, new hire, used the same gun and went from not being able to pass the qualification to shooting in the 80% range.  She had a very weak grip and the sleeve helped her control the weapon. These things are great.” — Nicholas Pike, Shawnee Police Department

“Thanks so much – we love these things!! After all this time – I just installed mine … where has this been the last 10 years!!!?? – S. Chang, Law Enforcement Professional, Honolulu, HI