“I use Sevigny sights by Warren Tactical Series on all of my competition and carry pistols. The sights have produced winning results for more than a decade. For top speed and accuracy with a handgun, give them a try.”

World Champion Pistol Shooter
Dave Sevigny

“I started using Warren Tactical Series – Sevigny Competition sights when I was working with Dave in 2006. His rear sight approach is to have a clean rear surface, with no distracting design features. I love the sights because the sharp edges enhance my ability to differentiate between sight and target … end result for me, more accurate shooting with faster splits than most of the guys.

National Champion Pistol Shooter
Randi Rogers

“I have been using Warren Tactical Sights since 2003. Being able to see more of the target or threat is very important in any type of practical shooting.  These sights do exactly that, they let you see more and have more information about what lies beyond your sights.”

National Champion Pistol Shooter
Ernest Langdon

“I’ve been shooting your sights on my Glock 19 for a few months now, and I must say, I love them.

I got interested in your products after listening to your podcast on ballistic radio, and after having trouble with sights I bought from
another brand, I decided to give yours a shot.

I’ve attached a photo of my target from a CHL qualification I shot on Sunday. It’s not at all impressive, especially given the fact that the
farthest distance was 15 yards, but after I shot the test I realized that my rear sight had become practically invisible as I focused on the front sight while shooting, which is exactly what you talked about trying to achieve when you designed them.

Thanks for making a fantastic product, and for your decades of service to our country.”

Ben McNally

“It’s not often that you find a piece of shooting equipment that stands the tests of time.  There’s always newer technology, improvements, or just better stuff that comes to market.  I’m happy to say that my sights aren’t one of those things.  I’ve used the Warren Tactical Fixed rear sight for well over 10 years now, and I still swear by them today.  Most of my iron-sighted shooting accomplishments during the last decade have been done with these sights.  They don’t break, they don’t fail, and they just plain work.  If you’re in the market for a set of competition pistol sights that can also fit the bill for self-defense or just a day on the range, look no further!”

World Champion Pistol Shooter
Phil Strader

“I used Warren Tactical sights while part of three professional shooting teams – first with Beretta USA, followed by Smith and Wesson and currently with Comp-Tac Victory Gear. The sights are a definite advantage. The design and wide notch allow me to see my front sight faster in the center of a target. I trust Warren Tactical sights both for competition and defensive carry. I recommend Scott’s sights to the shooters in my classes – his sights are on my guns today.”

National Champion Pistol Shooter
Gordon Carrell

“I’ve used Warren Tactical sights on my M&P pistols to win my national titles. When I’m instructing competitive shooters or overseas “train ups,” I have Scott’s sights on my pistols and highly recommend them to all of my students.”

National Champion Pistol Shooter
Brandon Wright

Placed order on Sat and Monday it’s in my mailbox. Unheard of service. Also find Warren way better than Dawson. Better finish and no filing required. Thanks”

Gary Adams

“I was one of the first professional shooters back in 2004 to test Warren Tactical sights. After training and competing with Warren sights, I told Scott that the rear sight seems to disappear and it’s easier to acquire and maintain focus on the front sight which results in better accuracy. To date, I continue to run Warren Tactical Sights on my pistols.”

National Champion Pistol Shooter
Tom Yost

“Warren Tactical sights are one of a kind – true, tested, and trusted. If you are looking for sights that are simply the best available on the market today regardless of if you are a competition shooter, a law enforcement officer, or are using them for personal defense, these are the ones you must purchase.”

National Champion Pistol Shooter
Morgan Allen

“I’ve used Warren Tactical sights to win all of my IDPA National Championships.  Since 2002, I’ve installed Warren Tactical Sights on every one of my pistols, including the S&W M&P series and 1911s.  Scott’s patented design is unique in that all non-essential sharp corners and edges are rounded which allows my eyes to quickly find and focus on the front sight and acquire my sight picture. The wave design also allows for faster target transitions and the rear sight obscures less of the target.”

National Champion Pistol Shooter
David Olhasso