• Warren and Sevigny sights are designed so that the Point of Aim (POA) will be the Point of Impact (POI) at 25 yards.


  • As good as Production Pistols are, they are not hand assembled, custom built match pistols. From time to time we find one that shoots a bit high or a bit low when compared to other pistols of the same model.
  • Also, depending on the ammunition shot, the weight of the bullet and type of powder used can all effect where the bullet will impact on a target.
  • When testing our sights, we use several pistols and different bullets from different ammunition manufacturers. We shoot from 5 yards to 25 yards. At 25 yards, we shoot from a bench rest and from standing.
  • Your own ability, experience level and competency comes into play when checking your current or new sights.

Because this is not an exact science, our results may vary from your results …

Choosing the height of your Sight …

… is NOT that difficult


  • For every .007/.008 change in sight height, you will move the bullet’s impact “about” one (1) inch at 25 yards.

FAQ's & General Information

For information on what sight matches up with what pistol, go to our product page.  That information is listed for each of our sight sets.

The patented Sevigny rear sight design is also void of distracting, unnecessary feature that distract your eyes.  There are no odd shapes, sharp corners, funny paint or distracting undercuts.  The traditional rear blade has sharp corners that help to differentiate between the sight and the target.  When using the Sevigny Competition sights, the shooter sees faster when the sights are on target.

YES.  You should test fire your pistol from 5 yards to 25 yards.  At 25 yards, shoot from a supported, benched position.  Repeat your shooting at least on three different days and with a variety of ammunition.

We recommend the MGW Sight Pro.  It’s a universal mounting device with multiple “shoes” made to match up with your slide(s).

Front sights have a Green Lamp, with a White painted ring.  Rear sights have a smaller, Yellow/Amber Lamp, with NO painted Ring.

We offer Plain Carry, Tritium, Plain Competition and Fiber Optic front sights.

Yes, a shorter front sight will cause you to raise the muzzle, resulting in Point of Impact (POI) being raised.

Only if it is unused.  Sights and products that have been installed on pistols are no longer considered new and cannot be returned.

*See complete Return Policy Instructions.

Safety first – make sure the pistol is unloaded.  Point the pistol in a safe direction and visually check to ensure that the magazine has been removed and that the chamber is empty.

To install a Fiber Optic rod, you’ll need a heat source (lighter) and something to cut or trim the rod, nail clippers work well.

First, bring the end of the rod close to the heat source.  Do not put the end of the rod directly in the heat source.  That could burn/discolor the end.  Allow the rod to “swell or ball up”, then remove it from the heat.  Insert the rod into the sight, with the larger end towards the shooter.  Pull the rod so the bulged end is positioned into or against the recessed cut in the sight.  Trim the other end of the rod, leaving about 1/8 to 3/16 of an inch exposed.  Then apply the heat source to that exposed end.  The rod will swell or ball up again.  This will pull the rod tight and hold it in place.

Safety First – make sure the pistol is unloaded.  Point the pistol in a safe direction and visually check to ensure that the magazine has been removed and that the chamber is empty.

Use an edged tool to carefully cut the rod into two pieces.  Then pull out both pieces form the ends of the sight.

See complete instructions on the Training and Classes page.

The patented Warren Tactical Series rear sight design is void of distracting, unnecessary features that attract your eyes.  There are no odd shapes, sharp corners, funny paint or distracting undercuts.

With the outer corners removed, the radiused design directs your eyes to the front sight.  The radiused corners of the notch also help to direct your vision to the front sight.

The shooter can see or “read” when the front sight is on the target/threat faster and also see more of the target/threat.

This design greatly aids the shooter when transitioning from one target/threat to another.

Both the Warren Tactical Series and the Sevigny Competition rear sights are available with a .150 wide notch.  That is so the shooter can more quickly see the front sight on the target or theat.  There are ample light bars on both sides of your front sight with these rear sights.

We strongly recommend that our sights be installed by a trained, certified gunsmith.  There are less chance of having an “installation mistake/issue” if properly installed.

Remember: Once the sight is on a pistol, it is considered “used” and cannot be returned.

Here’s a tip for your gunsmith before they install your sights:  Tell them to put them in a freezer for about 3 hours.  That will shrink the sights a bit and help them to go on easier.


We want our front sights to stand out more than our rear sights.  So the front sight lamp is larger than the rear sight lamps.  That’s also why we only put the White ring around the front lamp and not the rear lamp.  That also makes the front sight stand out more.

Yes, a taller front sight will cause you to lower the muzzle, resulting in Point of Impact (POI) being lowered.

Measure only the height of the Blade.  That’s the measurement from the top of the slide to the top of the sight.  Do not include the dovetail in this measurement.  (Refer to our product list for our front sight heights.)

We use Trijicon, Inc. for our Tritium Lamps.  Trijicon lamps carries a 10 year warranty for repairs and lamp replacement.

If the Tritium or paint on your night sight needs repair or replacement, contact Trijicon directly to obtain a Trijicon RMA number and Trijicon’s return procedures.

*See compete instructions for “Trijicon Returns”.

After each shooting session, wipe off any residue and apply a light coat of oil.  It’s your responsibility to maintain your equipment.

You can purchase replacement screws in packages of 2 or 5. We do not send these out at no cost. This also applies if you have stripped the inside of the screw or screw head during installation.