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Our History:

When Scott Warren was still an FBI agent and professional shooter, Warren Tactical Series, began as a hobby.  From 1996 to 2001, Scott worked on improving what the shooters/end users saw as they looked through the rear sight to the front sight.  After 5 years of developmental design work, a state of the art design came together.  It balanced functional form for the individual who deals with the real world.  After a short while, it transitioned into the competitive arena.

Warren Tactical Series sights are designed and used by Scott, a 24 year veteran of the FBI and 19 year member of the elite Hostage Rescue Team. Warren is also a multi-national practical shooting champion. Scott has used his design to win IDPA National Championships along with other national level competitors.

(Q) What makes this sight advantageous to the shooter?

(A) The patented, curved rear profile, called the “Waive Design,” directs the shooters eyes upward towards the front sight and target / threat.  The rear notch retains the flat bottom, but the corners are radiused.  This patented design feature also directs the user’s eyes to the front sight.  The Waive design also allows faster Target-to-Target transitions. With a .150 wide rear notch, ample light is on either side of the front sight for lightening quick target acquisition.  All Warren Tactical Series sights are designed to be “Carry Friendly.”

Warren Tactical 1911 Plain Rear

(Q) How did Warren and Sevigny Partner?

(A) Scott and Dave became friends, training and competing together long before they designed sights together. As Scott was developing his design, Dave commented that he was not happy with the sights he was using at that time. Dave, a former machinist, told Scott he had recut and reshaped the rear sight he was using in order to make it work for him.  Dave took his approaches and added them to Scott’s.   So their journey began … after some prototypes were made and refined the Sevigny Competition was developed.  Shortly after the Sevigny Competition sight was completed, that design was slightly modified and became the Sevigny Carry sight.

(Q) What Model guns does Warren Tactical Series have sights available for?

(A) Glocks | 1911s | Smith & Wessons | Springfields | SIGs | FNH | Caniks

(Q) How successful are the Warren Tactical and Sevigny Competition & Carry sights?

(A) Over the years, these top competitive shooters have used our sights to win National and World Titles:

Earnest Langdon, Dave Sevigny, Phil Strader, Julie Golob, Dave Olhasso, James McGinty, Donnie Burton, Randi Rodgers, Gordon Carrell, Bob Vogel, and Scott Warren.

The Sevigny Carry Tritium sights are used by BATF, Miami Dade Police Department and the Baltimore County Police Department.

(Q) What is the difference between the Sevigny Competition vs. Carry rear sights?

(A) Very simple, the “Competition’s” rear vertical edges and top have sharp, crisp edges, while the “Carry’s” vertical and top edges are rounded to help in avoiding snags. The overall design of both is a more traditional approach. The rear blade, void of distracting serrations, undercuts or odd angles, maintains its’ sharp, crisp edges, leaving no question whether you are on target or not.

Sevigny Competition Glock
Sevigny Competition Glock